Cuttack Sunday 2021

14th February 2021




The churches of District and the Diocese of Cuttack hope to unite in the Spirit and, through prayer and preaching, remember and encourage their partnership.

The Church of North India (CNI) is a united church established in 1970 by bringing together the main Protestant churches working in northern India.

 The Diocese of Cuttack is situated in Orissa, one of India’s seven poorest states.   Approximately 2% of the population of Orissa (estimated at 45m) are Christian.  It is an area which retains a heavy Baptist influence from the work of the Baptist Missionary Society.  The Rt. Revd. Surendra Kumar Nanda is the Bishop of Cuttack.

 The Diocese is divided into 4 Pastorate Unions, each comprising a number of Pastorates, around 140 congregations, and an estimated 12,500 communicant members. 

 The Diocese works with partners to support a number of educational establishments, including

5 Stewart Schools, a Skills Centre at Mohana, and teacher training college, as well as a Christian Hospital at Berhampur. 

The area includes the large urban populations of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack, the coastal tourist resort of Puri with its historic Hindu temple, as well as numerous fishing communities. 

Inland, the area is predominantly rural, mountainous and remote.   Between 80-90% of the population in this area is made up of scheduled castes (Dalit) and scheduled tribes (Adivasi).  

As partners , we have agreed that the Sunday before Lent will, each year, be an occasion when we will pray for each other and, if possible, preach about unity in Christ. 

  1. Please pray for the Churches of the Diocese of Cuttack as they strive to follow Christ in difficult and challenging circumstances. 

 Pray for the Evangelists, as well the Mission and Evangelism desk of the Diocese of Cuttack, as they preach the gospel to the unreached, pray for God’s divine protection on them as they face threats to their life and property 

 Pray that the leadership of the Diocese of Cuttack under guidance of the Bishop Nanda, may they be able to know, to discern and to lead in the way that God wants the Diocese to go.

 Bishop Nanda has also asked that we  remember the following situations over the coming weeks:

 The village of Baripada Sarujharan where 10 Christian families were persecuted for their religious view. The village is in a very difficult area and has just come under the care of the Cuttack Diocese.  (A film has been released called ‘The Least of These’ about this area where an Australian Missionary, working with the lepers, was burned alive because he was accused of illegal conversion.  His two children died with him).

 Court cases about church grounds – St. Stephen’s Church, Berhampur and St John’s Church, Jatani. The Government is claiming that the land is theirs and that it does not belong to the Church of North India.

 The Christians of Kandhamal who are being held in prison and awaiting an appeal, as the Church for North India tries to secure their release. 

In addition:

 The Plymouth & Exeter District has established a ‘Cuttack Fund’ to support the development of our Partnership.  The Fund seeks to make it possible for some from Cuttack to visit the District, also to give small grants to those from our District who could not otherwise make a visit to Cuttack.

 Contributions to the Fund are welcome and should be sent to the District Treasurer in the usual way. 

Cuttack Sunday 2020 – 23rd February 2020

Cuttack  Sunday 2021 – 14th February 2021