When Cyclone Fani hit the eastern coast of North India in May, the communities that experienced the worst damage and destruction lay within the Diocese of Cuttack – our overseas partners.  The small fishing village of Pentakota – one of the places and churches people from our District usually visit – was completely overwhelmed and homes and livelihoods were threatened.  And so, we launched our District Appeal.

Thank you!  Thank you for your wonderful response.  Every penny of the £7,584.40 raised has been sent to the Diocese of Cuttack via the World Church Office in London and earmarked for use amongst the poorest and badly hit communities in the area.  Your generosity and loving partnership with our sisters and brothers in India are overwhelming.  Thank you!

It is hoped that those who take part in the Partnership Visit planned for next January will learn more about how the money has been used and provide us with additional information that we will endeavour to make available as we prepare to mark Cuttack Sunday again on 23rd February 2020.

Thank you!

Revd Graham Thompson