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our faith

Our Faith

The Plymouth and Exeter District is being part of the Methodist Church of Great Britain.  We are Christians who believe that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the World - and can be the Saviour of every individual person living in it.

Christians believe that God is revealed to us as Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The supreme revelation of God is in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.  Methodist Christians adhere to the historic Christian Creeds.  We do however have some specific emphases:

In particular The Methodist Church was raised up by God to "spread Scriptural Holiness .... by the proclamation of the evangelical faith" (Methodist Model Deed)

Our Calling

The calling of the Methodist Church is to respond to the gospel of God's love in Christ and to live out its discipleship in worship and mission.

The Church exists to increase awareness of God's presence and to celebrate God's love.
The Church exists to help people grow and learn as Christians through mutual support and care
The Church exists to be a good neighbour to people in need and to challenge injustice.
The Church exists to make more followers of Jesus Christ.

Our Priorities

The Methodist Church also has a series of priorities following on from this calling which underpin all of its work.