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Most ministers treat manses well and abide by the Guidance in CPD p.759 ff.  Most manses are up to Connexional standards and the District Manses Committee is encouraging Circuits to make sure manses are appropriate.  The Connexional Guidance regarding manse provision is not optional - it is the standard required. 

Occasionally Circuit Stewards contact the district after a manse is vacated with complaints. At the recent District Manses Committee Meeting, we discussed what to do in such circumstances.  Ministers are effectively tenants of the Circuit and the Circuit and the minister have obligations for their part of this relationship.  Ministers should note that they should not make changes to decorations, doors etc. without the permission of the Manse Steward of their circuit.

When a manse is vacated and the Circuit Stewards find that the minister and his or her family have not fulfilled their duty of care as outlined in the guidelines: then the Circuit are entitled to report this to the District Manses Committee and with the agreement of the District Manses Committee to have work done to bring the Manse up to the standard an incoming minister and their family can expect. In this case the outgoing minister will be invoiced for the cost. Where a manse is being sold the minister must come to an agreement with the Circuit Manse Committee if the standards of the Guidelines in CPD are not to be fulfilled.

Circuits should inspect Manses each year and if the Guidelines' conditions are not thought to be easily achievable from the state of the manse as inspected this should be brought to the attention of the minister concerned and the manse reinspected after an agreed time.  Circuit Stewards should be aware that if a manse is not being well looked after by the occupants this may be a symptom of other problems.  A pastoral approach to such situations is required and the Superintendent should always be involved along with the Circuit Stewards.