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Ministerial Development

Guide to Ministerial Review

A Guide to Ministerial Development Review
is designed to help all participants to get the most out of the process. It comprises four books, each of which can be downloaded below. Book One is also available in a large print version.

Hard copies of the Guide can also be obtained by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or from the District Office

Book One is essential reading, and it provides an overview of the principles which provide a backdrop to Ministerial Development Review and of the key elements of the annual review meeting.

Book Two - PDF

 Book Two considers those aspects of ministry which may provide a focus for ongoing reflection as part of Ministerial Development Review, with specific suggestions for deacons, presbyters, superintendents and district chairs respectively.

Book Three - PDF

 Book Three provides practical guidance about the review meeting. It sets out the roles and responsibilities of the participants and outlines the preparation required for the review meeting, including the gathering and sharing of feedback. There are some suggestions about how to conduct the review meeting, and how to identify hopes, goals and areas for learning and development. This book also offers guidance about recording the key outcomes of the review meeting, and includes report templates.

Book Four - PDF

 Book Four provides background material. It looks at some of the skills and best practice which will support Ministerial Development Review and help to enable positive experiences for all participants.

Within the Guide are various templates for use in reflecting on and reviewing ministry and for recording the outcomes of the Ministerial Development Review meeting. These can be downloaded in MS Word format below: